Tuan Fazrul Ismail

Tuan Fazrul Ismail

Chief Content Officer, Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Panel Discussion | Serve to be Served (Individual & Family)

Moderator: Tuan Fazrul Ismail
- Dr. Erfino Johari
- Dr. Abdul Munim
Qari: Shaykh Rami As-Sousi

The crisis of humanity looms as a challenge damaging the fundamental building blocks of a nation that encompasses the individual and family levels. Individual Muslims seem to lose sight of the essence of what makes us as human beings sent on this Earth. Down the road, family members become the first victim because of the lack of value in humanity among each other. Explore and be inspired by the real-life story of the panels on how to deal with individual and family challenges by having true Al-Abrar character to serve humanity in order to be served in Jannah as been motivated in Surah Al-Insan.

6:00 pm - 6:20 pm

Resolution from the Whole Convention

Speaker: Tuan Fazrul Ismail


Tuan Fazrul Ismail